22-24 July 2016, Anaheim, California, USA

H-Anim 3D Animated Music Video Competition

Who can create the best H-Anim Music 3D Character Animation?

Submission Deadline: 30 June  2016 – Please send your submission to: competition@web3d.org

  • Hosted by RRA (National Radio Research Agency)
  • Supported by SSS (Society for Standards and Standardization)
  • Organized by KSA (Korean Standards Association) and Web3D Consortium
  • Prizes: KSA PRIZE (1st place), SSS PRIZE (2nd place), Web3D consortium PRIZE (3rd place)
  • Prizes to winners valued at $US 500-1500
  • Winners will be announced on Sunday 24 July at the Web3D 2016 Conference in Anaheim, California, 22-24 July 2016.
    • We will also recognize winners at the SIGGRAPH 2016 BoF meeting for Web3D H-Anim later that week.
  • Winners are requested (but not are not required) in attendance to receive their prize.

Your composition must include:

  1. An X3D virtual stage (x3d file required, media files optional)
  2. An H-Anim character (H-Anim x3d files required)
  3. License free music (mp3 or avi file required with proof of license free status)

Your submission must include:

  1. A 90 to 120 second video (avi file), along with the associated X3D files and media files
  2. Proof of license for royalty-free music.
  3. A completed contest entry summarizing your submission. Details include Title, Author, a summary about the characters (simple. maximum three lines) and 1-2 representative snapshot images. Competition details are maintained on the Web3D mailing lists and the Web3D Consortium website.

Contest Judging Criteria:

Each entry will be judged on the following: creativity of 3D character animation, use of the ISO/IEC 19774 specification (LOA1, LOA2, LOA3) for character models, creativity of the virtual stage, use of the ISO/IEC 19775-1 X3D specification.

Links to get you started:

  1. Sample videos
    1. H-Anim Music 3D Animation: Sundays (instrumental)
    2. H-Anim Music 3D Animation: Sundays (with lyrics)
    3. H-Anim LOA2 Music 3D Animation – Travels
    4. H-Anim Music 3D Animation – The Present
  2. H-Anim X3D scenes can be found in the X3D Basic Examples Archive


Please mail us at competition@web3d.org and we will send you updates on the competition. All questions are welcome!

Questions and developments regarding H-Anim and X3D take place on the h-anim@web3D.org mailing list.


Please submit your work to competition-submissions[at]web3d.org (Don Brutzman and Meyong Won Lee).